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Mummy mentors

This programme aims to connect mothers in Central Switzerland with more experienced women in their local community.

A Mummy Mentor might be a parent to older children, a grandparent or child professional who we match with a mum who would like support. This could be a first-time mum or a mother who is new or alone in Switzerland and looking for help, advice or just someone to chat to on a regular basis.

You may be a new parent who feels alone, especially as many of us don’t have friends or family nearby, this can be very isolating. Mentors are there to reassure mums, giving them confidence and resources that they can’t find elsewhere.

During your meetings there is no agenda, expectations or judgements. Mums should feel comfortable and safe to discuss their struggles and achievements. A Mummy mentor may offer a chat, a chance to get out of the house or advice on how to deal with parenting issues. They may even help a first-time mum with chores around the house or babysit for a while to give mum a well-earned break.

A Mummy Mentor is a friend with experience to share.

Find a mummy mentor

To register for a Mummy Mentor you don’t need to pass any ‘requirements’ just click on the button below and send us an email to register your interest. We will get back to you with more information.

Become a mummy mentor

We are looking to match up mums with mentors with similar interests, languages and cultural backgrounds so it would be great for us if you can send a little bit of information about yourself.

You don’t need a formal education to become a Mummy Mentor. We are looking for mentors who are:

  • Good communicators and listeners who are reliable and understanding
  • Able to establish and maintain relationships
  • Comfortable and flexible with visiting mums in their home's all about incremental little steps forward so I would like to follow up with her for another time and I hope we can create a 'plan' for her that gives her more energy, connection and professional options. It's so powerful when women connect and support each other. I already envision no more lonely struggling stay at home moms anymore in entire Switzerland.

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