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Cassie Meyer

My name is Cassie Meyer and I am an Early Years Development Specialist originally from the UK and now based in Lucerne, Switzerland. I have a passion for supporting families and watching little ones grow.

I founded Nurture Hub after 15 years of working with children and families in schools, childcare services and in their homes. I have experience in both the UK and Swiss childcare sector as well as 6 years working as an Early Years teacher in a bilingual school. I studied a Bachelors Degree in Education from the UK as well as specialised training in children’s development, diet and nutrition, behaviour and outdoor education.

I often encountered international families who were searching for activities for their children to enjoy in English as well as opportunities to connect with others in a similar position to themselves.

Once my own family started to grow I discovered there was very little out there to support me as a new mum speaking English.

And so, Nurture Hub was born.

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